You may experience below error while adding a new customer name or a product name in Business Studio 5.1 or older versions:


After closing such window, you can’t see any entry which was previously inserted and listed.


The reason is a syntax error since Business Studio (bought from an American company several years ago) officially supports English characters only which are the first 127 codes in the ASCII table.


Extended ASCII codes, which are 2 bytes codes, are not officially supported so the issue may occur (like using characters è ò à etc).


Solution: Manually editing the correspondent Business Studio SQL table deleting the problematic character.

SQL tables can be edited by different tools, one is SQL Server Management Studio Express from

Microsoft available at:


1. Download and install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express

2. Launch and login Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express as below:

If you do not specify username/password of database while installing HASP SRM BSS, use the following default credentials as login information:



Select [machine name\HASPSRMDATABASE] (to access remote or local BSS database server)

Or [localhost\HASPSRMDATABASE] (to access local BSS database server) as Server name

3. With login to the database server, locate database SRMServer, open the proper table to edit and fix the syntax error.