Sentinel RMS 8.5 Windows, Estimated Schedule: Q3 2011 Mid

Feature Highlights:

  • RMS server to add licenses with future start date
  • Renaming "Perpetual License" model to "Repository License"
  • Aggregate licensing

Subscription licenses which behave in a way similar to additive, however this is considered to be more intelligent than the way additive licenses work in RMS today.

For example, issue licenses for the same feature/version details, but with different time restrictions (different start and end dates). When these licenses are installed onto the license server together, the license hard limit is combined for all licenses which are valid at that specific time. Throughout different time increments (i.e. on different days in a given month or year), different licenses will be valid (i.e. some of the licenses might have expired, or some of them might not yet be valid). This change in hard-limit will happen automatically as the date changes, and won’t require a disruptive action such as a restart of the RMS license server


  • Peak Usage licensing


Subscription licenses which contain a fixed hard limit for majority of the license period, with a pre-agreed 'peak' in the license hard limit between 2 defined time periods. This is to handle scenario where customer has a scheduled and anticipated increase in demand for the license availability for a shorter period. This 'peak' is pre-agreed and is defined at the beginning of the license subscription term.