Q: What could be the probable causes of Error 19 (HASP_INV_UPDATE_DATA)?

A:  Probable causes with solution for Error 19 could be:

-> C2V or V2C file is downloaded via OWA (Outlook Web Access). The file may become blank, and the size of the file changes to 0 KB or much less than the actual file size. If you put the C2V or V2C file in a folder and zip it, then the file remains intact. The update may fail with Error 19 (HASP_INV_UPDATE_DATA) if the V2C is downloaded via OWA.

-> Error: "Unable to apply V2C file"/"HSP_INV_UPDATE_DATA"/”Requested XML Tags not found": Open the V2C file in Notepad to verify if correct XML tags are listed. Sometimes e-mail might change the '<' to the HTML tag version of it, '&lt'.