Sentinel RMS 8.5.0 Windows (32-bit/64-bit)

Feature Highlights:
• Peak Usage Licenses – This concept allows a license to be pre-delivered to your customer with a predefined and anticipated peak period. For example, a financial software company wants to enable their customer to use 50 floating licenses throughout the year, and an additional 30 licenses at the end of the quarter when the use of the financial software is more intensive. This license agreement can be pre-agreed to and deployed at the start of the term without requiring an update to the license when the period of increased demand comes into play.

There are 2 new enhancements in RMS 8.5.0 to support the concept of Peak Usage Licenses:

Aggregate Licenses: This is a new license type that exists in parallel to Exclusive and Additive licenses. Aggregate licenses behave in a similar way to Additive licenses (in that the individual hard limits of multiple Aggregate licenses can be combined to form a single hard limit), but any individual start and expiry dates of the licenses will be maintained in an independent manner. 

Load future date licenses: Aggregate licenses can be ‘pre-loaded’ with their start date set for some time in the future, in a dormant or inactive state. Once their start date becomes current, the license automatically activates on the license server.

• Custom User Information for ClientsNew API to allow a developer to override the user name and hostname sent to the server from the client application. This allows the server to capture true user information when the client requests are coming from a single process, such as an application server.

• Perpetual Licenses Renamed to Repository LicensesRenamed this license model to better reflect the benefit this feature offers. New documentation has been written to support that.

• Numerous other minor enhancements and improvements.  

Please refer to the Release Notes included in the SDK, available at  (Doc ID 18818).