Sentinel RMS SDK 8.4.1 Solaris x86 (32-bit/64-bit)

Feature Highlights:

• Licensing for Virtualized Environments
• CPU information and UUID-based fingerprinting
• Hard Disk Serial Number-based fingerprinting
• Alternate Workflow of Network License Revocation
Provides a consistent implementation for standalone and network-based license revocation
• New Architecture for Commuter License Persistence Data
Improved security and reliability for commuter-related persistence information
• Increased Size of Private Vendor Information from 395 bytes to 2 KB
• Grace License-related Enhancements
Improved usability and logic
• Improved customization samples
• Ability to extend the duration of a remotely commuted license
• Configuration File to Enable/Disable Fingerprint Caching
Allowing a compromise between security and performance to be specified
• Numerous other minor enhancements and improvements

Please refer to the Release Notes included in the package, available at  (Doc ID 19546).