Sentinel Cloud Services Client SDK v1.2

Feature Highlights/Enhancements:
• Grace Count Support in Prepaid License Model
The previous release introduced the Grace Limit attribute for the subscription license models, which enables usage of a license after its expiration. This release extends the Grace Limit support to the prepaid license models. You can now allow an additional number of executions of a prepaid feature after the maximum usage count has exhausted. As a result, the customer gets additional time to explore your product and obtain a positive experience.
• Grace Report
A new report, Grace Report, has been added to Cloud EMS that lists the customers whose licenses are running in a grace state. You can use this report to notify customers about their exhausting licenses and timely renewals.
• Sentinel Cloud Run-time C Interface
This release introduces the Cloud Run-Time interface for C language, in addition to the existing
Java and .NET interfaces. You can integrate Run-Time APIs into your application source code to enable user authorization and usage data collection.

Refer to the Release Notes included in the package, available at (Doc ID 18930).