Sentinel Cloud Services Client SDK v1.3 for Windows

Feature Highlights/Enhancements:
• E-mail Notifications
This release introduces the Notifications functionality in EMS. Notifications are the e-mail messages sent by EMS to inform or remind customers and software vendors about important events related to entitlements and associated features. You can configure notifications for customers to remind them about license renewals and to keep them well-informed of license outage. Software vendors and other intended recipients can leverage the timely notices for driving license renewals, monitoring feature usage, customer profiling, and boosting feature sales.
• Cloud Run-Time API Improvements
Sentinel Cloud Run-Time APIs have been revamped to have a uniform design across all languages. Following are the major changes:
-> The Java, C, and .NET API signatures have been modified, ensuring consistency in parameter names and usage.
-> New Classes/Structures have been introduced to pass optional parameters to login and logout APIs.
-> New Classes/Structures have been introduced to store response of login, logout, and getinfo APIs.
• Feature Usage Report Enhanced
The Feature Usage Report shows usage pattern per feature across all the users of your product. The report has been modified to filter data based on a specified license model.

Refer to the Release Notes included in the package, available at (Doc ID 19115).