Sentinel License Development Kit 6.0 (Managed Release)

Feature Highlights:
• New and simplified back-end application (EMS):
- Client-less (can run from a Web browser) and fully integrated with HASP enforcement technology
- Optional user registration to provide channel and ISV with visibility into the end-user base
- Reporting module with Management dashboard and out-of-the-box management reports
- Management of third-party licensing (supported by Professional Services engagement)
- Support for multiple HL key programming (batch programming)

• License Generation API: A set of API functions with primary responsibility to allow license generation without back-office services dependency

• License Re-host: Allows end users to easily move their SL licenses between computers (no back-end connectivity is required)

• Enhanced administration API: API set for ACC (Admin Control Center) functionality that allows software vendors to integrate an administration application into their product and asset management systems.

• Sentinel Toolbox Enhancements: License generation “LicGen” and Admin API

• Certificate-based licensing: Human-readable, tamper-proof license that stores license history on end-user machine

• Client-less License Manager: Contains an embedded License Manager that enables an end user who does not have administrator rights on a computer to install a protected application and license on the computer.

• Linux SL: Enables soft license on Linux-based OS

• Security Enhancements: Envelope NG (x32)
- Whitebox-based Secure Communication Channel: Uses vendor-specific components to ensure that the secure channel encryption key cannot be extracted from the protected binaries.
- Enhanced imports protection makes reconstruction of protected binaries from memory dumps virtually impossible.
- Protected files are modified to look like unpacked files, reducing antivirus false positives.