Sentinel License Development Kit 6.1 (Managed Release)

Feature Highlights:
• Data Migration Utility – a data migration utility which migrates Business Studio’s data to EMS was added

• Compatibility to Business Studio API – EMS can now serve calls made to Business Studio Server by an integrated ERP / CRM system, without requiring modifying code in the ERP/CRM

• Compatibility to Activation API – Software applications which use Sentinel HASP / HASP SRM’s Activation API for performing activations, can get served by Sentinel LDK’s EMS. This enables applications which are already deployed to get activated also after the ISV migrated to LDK

• MS SQL 2008 – the default database installed with Sentinel LDK has been upgraded to MS SQL 2008. This upgrade is expected to provide a better installation reliability comparing to the previous version

• Customer Portal with Online Activation – the Customer Portal was enhanced to enable Online activations in a few clicks, without the need to download or upload any tool or file.