Error code 1012 registering Entitlement ID

Regarding runtime logs as depicted where it is pointing issue in registering EMS entitlement id:

 initScheduleMgr, start scheduler SCR_2.1.244 09/17/12 22:41:58 Line: 77: [D] initializeHybridClient, Processing entitlement id: , 7795d1aa-b128-4ac5-960a-4b466bb471f9 SCR_2.1.244 09/17/12 22:41:58 Line: 904: [D] sendNReceiveMachineRegMessage, connect to server and get the response. url SCR_2.1.244 09/17/12 22:41:58 Line: 102: [D] loadCertificate, CA cert added SCR_2.1.244 09/17/12 22:41:59 Line: 163: [E] registerMachine, login to EMS returned fail as stat SCR_2.1.244 09/17/12 22:41:59 Line: 291: [D] registerMachineInEMS, Register machine status: , 1012

Try to login in EMS with EID and if error is "Your account has been disabled", it could be that customer for this Entitlement is not permitted to login

Once enabled the login in EMS (tab Login Allowed) it's resolved and there should not be any issue in processing the request from the client application.