“Unlimited Concurrency/No Limit” option is NOT checked ‘by default’ in LDK 6.1 unlike ‘HASP SDK v5.1x’

When creating a 'Network License':

Unlike HASP SDK v5.1x, LDK 6.1 DOES NOT have the option of "Unlimited Concurrency" enabled by default. This is good, as unintentionally if a customer burn licenses in 'Business Studio' using the default settings and overlook the parameter of "Unlimited Concurrency" (which is checked by default in HASP SDK v5.1x ) will result in network seats lost

Page 152 "Software Protection and Licensing Guide.pdf" guide says:

Specifying the License Terms for Features in a Product

When you include a Feature in a Product, the following default license
terms are assigned:
License type: Perpetual
Number of concurrent instances: Unlimited

Hence, in LDK 6.1 we still have ‘License Type: Perpetual’ (by default) but we DO NOT have "Concurrency: Unlimited" (by default)