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Sentinel RMS (Windows) Golden Release

Feature Highlights:• Usage log file enhancements• License string based network license revocation• Deferred license revocation• Separate PT generation and RT verification library• License manager hooking provided for Pre/Post Update events• Documentation enhancements• Numerous other minor enhancements and improvements Please refer to the Release Notes included in the SDK, available at  (Doc ID 19999).


How to enable logs in runtime-less environment for LDK?

Add the following entries in hasp_xxx.ini file: requestlog = 1loglocal = 1logremote = 1logadmin = 1errorlog = 1 The logs will get created in the same folder as of ini file i.e. For windows XP – %UserProfile%/Local Settings/Application Data/SafeNet Sentinel/Sentinel LDK/ For Windows7 – %LocalAppData%/SafeNet Sentinel/Sentinel LDK/