Sentinel Cloud “Custom Vendor attribute” and “Vendor Info Usage Report”

Custom Vendor attribute:

When creating the license models we can define the customized vendor attribute tags. This tag could then be used for generating reports. This kind of reporting is useful to classify records/usage based on details we know ahead of time.

For example consider a case where a ISV wants to get report based on the access of his application from different regions i.e. NA, EMEA or APAC
ISV could probably create three different license models customized for vendor attribute based on regions and could use all in same feature ID.
To create an entitlement for a user in NA (which ISV know ahead of time), entitlement for the associated vendor attribute could be configured.

Vendor Info Usage Report:

As we could set the vendor attribute in login call of the run-time API:

loginOptParam.setVendorData("Client Services Department");

“Vendor Info usage Report” would then generate reporting based on the value set by the vendor in the parameter LoginOptParam in login call as shown above.

This kind of reporting is useful to classify records/usage based on details not known ahead of time.

For example in a company vendor wants to classify records based on the access of cloud authorized application from different department .i.e. client services, sales etc…

Probably ISV could create a logic to pass department value in the “loginOptParam” parameter of the login call at runtime and generate reporting based on application access from different department.

Also get vendor attribute from runtime API Get-info(). This attribute is a part of license attribute in getInfo response.