Sentinel Cloud v3.0

Feature Highlights/Enhancements:

• Introduction of Sentinel Cloud Web Services

Sentinel Cloud Web services offer a framework to integrate licensing and monetization abilities of Sentinel Cloud directly in an application. Any platform or language that supports HTTP call with SSL server authentication can integrate Sentinel Cloud Web Services.

• Tamper detection for On-premise Usage Data

SCS 3.0 introduces Usage Tampering detection and reporting. Now ISVs can discover if the usage data has been tampered with and generate reports for the same.

• EMS Access to a Default User (SFNTSupport)

Provide EMS access to a default user when allowed by the ISV to help SafeNet support team troubleshoot issues better and faster

• Larger Value Support for Maximum Usage Limit and Grace Limit

“Maximum Usage Limit” and “Grace Limit” variables now support larger values of 2147483647 (increased from 10000000)

• Allow edit of custom attributes for completed Product and committed Entitlement on EMS  GUI

The Sentinel Cloud Documentation with Release Notes is available at:

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