Protected WAR errors

Internal Error E0096 at Tomcat Console

java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException Exception at webpage

Need to copy the Envelope generated hasp dlls to system path like system32 and the sentinel-hasp-api-special.jar to lib folder

This error comes when “Sentinel-hasp-api-special.jar” is not deployed properly. There are some considerations which need to be considered while deploying Envelope protected Java applications on Tomcat Server and those are as:

1. After your JAR/WAR archive is protected, it requires a HASP library to function at run-time. Copy the following files to a location that is included in the path variable of the system on which the application server runs:

1) For Win32 applications: HASPJava.dll

2) For Windows x64 applications: HASPJava_x64.dll

3) For Mac applications: libHASPJava.dylib and libHASPJava.jnilib

4) For 32-bit Linux applications:

5) For 64-bit Linux applications:

Missing these file would lead to error “no HASPJava in java.library.path”

2. sentinel-hasp-api-special.jar should be place in /lib (\lib). Lead to Internal Error (E0096).