Sentinel EMS 2.7 Release

Feature Highlights:

1. Import external data (for Features and Products) to Sentinel EMS

– The ability to do bulk loads of features and products from CSV or XML files to facilitate implementation, moving from test to production and introducing new product lines or programs. By loading from a file, ISVs can reduce the manual effort and errors introduced when entering details manually via the UI.

2. Enhanced notifications to customer contacts

-ISVs will now be able to send notifications to customers when entitlements are about to expire or have expired to encourage renewals and reduce the possibility of an interruption in service. Product notifications can be sent to communicate the availability of new releases, emergency patches or special programs for customers using a certain product.

3. Improved installation, new customer portal for customer specific tasks such as, entitlement activation and revocation

– Separate installer for customer portal, enhanced modify process for reconfiguring database and JRE.

4. Configuration settings (for JRE, Database Connection, and RMS DLLs) post installation

5. Enhancements in catalog (Features, Products, and License Models) data management

– The ability to define the license models at the product level, new catalog web services using XML as input.

6. Option to edit committed entitlements

7. Language support for entitlement certificates

8. Configurable revocation ID

9. Enhancements in web services

10. Bug fixes

11. Performance Improvements

– Significant performance improvements, especially for ISVs that have products with a large number of features.

12. Platform Support

Microsoft Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 9.0 and above native support.

Please refer to the Release Specifications and the Release Notes included in the SDK package available at DOC ID 20333