Sentinel LDK v6.4 SDK

Feature Highlights:

  • Sentinel HL Keys No Longer Require Drivers i.e. Run-Timeless Support (driverless)
  • Extended Support for Sentinel HL Hardware Keys
  • Sentinel HL Keys Can Now Be Upgraded to Driverless Configuration
  • Sentinel HL Max Key Is Now Available in Chip Form Factor
  • Software Manager System (SDK Update Mechanism)
  • Enhancements to Sentinel LDK Envelope
  • Sentinel LDK is Supported Under Additional Operating Systems
  • Enhancement to Sentinel Vendor Suite Program Selection Screen
  • Enhancement to Sentinel LDK ToolBox
  • Enhancement to Admin API
  • Improved Sentinel LDK Installer

The complete SDK with Documentation and Release Notes is available at

Please refer the Release Notes for more details