Custom haspdinst with HASP and LDK

Steps with HASP Business Studio to deliver an updated RTE package:

(Must be done on each Vendor Suite installation)

1)Update “personalized” RTE

Download new “standard” RTE 6.56 from here:

Backup or rename the old 5.95 or 5.x in your Vendor Suite installation:

C:\Program Files\SafeNet\Sentinel HASP\Redistribute\Runtime Environment\cmd Install\haspdinst.exe

And replace it with the new one (no need to restart Business Studio Server).

Close and re-open the BS client just to be sure.

Steps with LDK EMS to deliver an updated RTE package:

Unlike BS, EMS uses haspdinst from “EMS” installation folder, here:

C:\Program Files\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel EMS\EMSServer\webapps\ems\haspTools\

This is necessary on EMS server only (while BS used instead the “local” vendor suite path)