Sentinel Cloud v3.1

Feature Highlights/Enhancements:

1. Public CA and Message Signing Support

Sentinel Cloud Run-time now utilizes HMAC-SHA1 based message signing, instead of earlier certificate based security. Also the Sentinel Cloud Connect servers now use certificates signed by well-known Public Certificate Authority, instead of SafeNet signed certificates.

Therefore now you will receive the following items in the e-mails from SafeNet:

Secret Key, also mentioned as Shared Key

Secret Key ID, also mentioned as Shared Key ID

Vendor ID

Vendor Code

2. Sample for Sentinel Cloud Connect Web Services  

Sentinel Cloud Services SDK now contains a Python sample code, which demonstrates how to use Sentinel Cloud Connect Web Services.

Now you can consume Sentinel Cloud licensing services on any platform by using Sentinel Cloud Client Web Services. This is an additional platform independent approach by using RESTLike web services to consume licenses and track usage. This provides ISVs the freedom to write protected applications on any platform by leveraging industry proven Sentinel Cloud licensing platform. For more information please refer to the documentation –  

3. There are fixes for known issues and performance improvements

The full list of online documents with Release Notes can be navigated to from here: