Customizing EMS server link in entitlement certificate emails

Normally you may customize the email text but not the link as this is stored in a variable “#emailURL#” which is a placeholder for dynamic data . Hence, you may just replace this variable by customized link/strings which you want to be displayed in entitlement certificate emails, but of course you need to do internal settings to redirect this customized link to EMS customer portal. 

The purpose is for link customization and display something related to customers own website. By default EMS sends link as http://:8080/ems/customerLogin.html.


  1. Stop EMS/tomcat service
  2. Go to “…….\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel EMS\EMSServer\webapps\ems\WEB-INF\classes” and backup ‘EntitlementCertificateEmail.tpl’ file
  3. Open ‘EntitlementCertificateEmail.tpl’ in text pad and search for “Access the Entitlement Management System at #emailURL# 

  4. Replace  “#emailURL# 

    ” with “ customized_link/strings 

  5. Save ‘EntitlementCertificateEmail.tpl’
  6. Start EMS/tomcat service