Sentinel Cloud-EMS Entitlement ID is not the same as EMS Entitlement ID retrieved on Entitlement generation


When requesting the usage log Web Service the required EID is requested.┬áThe parameter description states that this must be an integer, however the EID is alpha numeric. If I try to use the EID, I’m requested to enter integers only. What is wrong with entId?


The data type of entId which is Integer ( > 0) and the Entitlement ID that we get in EMS after creating the entitlement are NOT same.

Entitlement ID as we all know is an alphanumeric number which is considered as a String data type in EMS/Cloud Web service and Runtime calls.

On the contrary, entId is an Integer value that is generated by the EMS DB at the backend corresponding to the Entitlement ID that we pass as a parameter in EMS WS.

entId can be retrieved by using searchEntitlements WS that could be further used in for example to retrieve the usage logs etc…