Sentinel Cloud v3.2

Feature Highlights/Enhancements:


1. Introduced On-premise Feature Level Licensing (for Client Applications)

This release introduces licensing and provisioning support for traditional on-premise applications deployed on end user machines. Now, you can centrally manage server and client applications installed within a customer’s network.

-> On-premise Server Deployment: The Sentinel Cloud on-premise solution available until release 3.0 is meant for server applications. The protected application is hosted on an on-premise Web server, which is accessed by multiple thin clients. The Run-time periodically fetches time-limited licenses and caches them locally. The Run-time always attempts to serve the individual license requests from the local cache. Here, licenses for all features of an entitlement are bought to an on-premise server machine. So, this type of licensing is called Entitlement Level licensing.

-> On-premise Client Deployment: This release extends the licensing support to onpremise client applications, where the application is installed on end user’s machines. The licenses are fetched directly from Cloud Connect for the requesting user. A license is either fetched directly from Cloud Connect when the license for the requesting user identity is not available in a local cache, or served locally from the cache if the license is available. Here, licenses for only the requested features are bought to a machine based on a user identity. So, this type of licensing is called as Feature Level licensing.

2. Machine Registration Web Services

Sentinel Cloud EMS allows registering and managing on-premise machines. To support on-premise machine registration, following new Web services have been introduced in EMS:

-> addFingerprint.xml: Adds fingerprints of customer’s machines to Cloud Connect database

-> deleteFingerprint.xml: Deletes fingerprint(s)

-> retrieveFingerprint.xml: Retrieves a list of fingerprints for the specified customers


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