Database migration from Business Studio to EMS gets stuck

It might happen in some cases that the DB migration from BS to EMS gets stuck.

As we know it is possible to create the migration logs, it’s enough to open a cmd-line with admin rights, navigate in the Migration tool folder and run it with the below parameters:
java -cp MigrationTool.jar;localization.jar;sqljdbc4.jar;commons-logging-1.1.jar;commons-lang-2.4.jar;commons-configuration-1.6.jar;commons-collections-3.2.jar;commons-codec-1.4.jar  com.sfnt.ems.migrator.MainFrame  > debug.log

The problem could be resolved stopping and then starting BSS. It can happen that server stuck from any reason, the tool try to run 10 times till it give the message. When message come, server needs to be restarted and it is also better to check that no hasp_cld process is running after the server stop and then to run the tool again.