Sentinel LDK 7.0 (Windows and Linux)

**Due to architectural changes in Mac OS X, support for this platform is not included in this package of Sentinel LDK v.7.0. Support for Mac OS X will be made available in an updated package during the course of September, 2013.


Feature Highlights:

1. New “AppOnChip” Feature in Sentinel LDK Envelope
• Enhanced Reverse Engineering Protection – Leverage the market leading cryptographic hardware key executing parts of your application directly from the hardware key itself.
• IP Protection – The ultimate solution in IP protection, protect your valuable IP using a secured cryptographic hardware key and execute directly from the dongle so that your IP is never in the clear!

2. Sentinel HL Network Keys Can Now Be Upgraded to Driverless Configuration

3. Enhanced Security for SL-UserMode Licenses

4. License Manager Can Now be Easily Replaced in Runtimeless Installations

5. Additional Enhancements to Sentinel LDK Envelope

6. Enhanced Usability in the Sentinel EMS User Interface

7. Enhancements to the Sentinel Licensing API

8. Enhancements to the Sentinel License Manager and Admin Control Center

9. Enhancements to Clone Protection

10. Added Support for SL Legacy licenses

11. Enhancements to the Sentinel LDK Master Wizard

12. Easier Access to Working Online in Vendor Tools

13. Support for Windows CE


The package is available for download at