LDK 7.0 – Secure Storage concept and ID mismatch

With HASPĀ Legacy-SL (activated using BSS) we get an activation over Provisional HASP Key. If the machine was reinstalled and use the same legacy-provisional package, this gets installed with a different Key ID. Therefore the previous activation V2C will no longer apply to this new Provisional ID, and ISV has to consume a new activation.


In case of LDK and SL-AdminMode licenses this has bit changed, it is no longer a must to have Provisional SL-AdminMode key installed on the system, the activation in fact works against the fingerprint of the machine. So if the OS is reinstalled, the previous generated activation V2C will “probably” work again (fingerprint of machine did not change).


Within LDK 7.0 (and RTE 6.60) a new concept of SL Secure storage ID has been introduced, so now on the target system, behavior would be same as previous in case system has requisite space in the Hard disk slack.

But if target system doesn’t have enough Hard disk slack (which is quite rare) then you may see error of SL secure storage ID mismatch while reinstalling that old activated V2C.