Sentinel Cloud v3.3 release

Feature Highlights:

  1. Entitlement Level Detach: ISV applications now have the ability to detach the entire entitlement using the same flow as was introduced in 3.2 to detach features.
  2. Linux RunTime: In 3.3 we have introduced linux on-premise RunTime (Qualified on RHEL 6.2 version).
  3. Java and .Net RunTimes: Java and .Net on-premise RunTimes now support complete detach flow.
  4. Peak Capacity Reporting: A custom way for applications to report load (capacity) on the application to SCC. ISVs can generate peak capacity reports on the reported data.

There are some additional  improvements in performance and security of hosted environment.

Important Note:  Linux RunTime is NOT GA in 3.3 but will be made available to customers for evaluation on specific request.

Sentinel Cloud 3.3 documentation along with Release Notes is available at: