Sentinel LDK v7.0.3 SDK

Feature Highlights:

  • Support for Mac OS X 10.8.5
  • Changes to the Original Release of Sentinel LDK v.7.0

A number of important changes have been made to the original release of Sentinel LDK 7.0. The following additional versions of Sentinel LDK have been released:

Sentinel LDK v.7.0.2

The changes in Sentinel LDK v.7.0.2 are as follows:

  1. Support for Mac OS X has been restored. The original release did not support Mac
  2. Windows 8.1 is supported instead of Windows 8
  3. Problems with migration from Business Studio Server (“BSS”) to Sentinel EMS have been resolved:
    • A problem with Master key detection in BSS would occur when the vendor migrated from BSS to Sentinel EMS on the same machine.
    • A communication error with BSS would occur during the migration process.

Sentinel LDK v.7.0.3

This release includes all the corrections provided in Sentinel LDK v.7.0.2. In addition, this release resolves a problem with the handling of file names in Sentinel LDK Envelope for Mac.

Sentinel LDK 7.0.3 is now available for download from Sentinel Customer Community

For more information and for details about other minor changes, please refer to the release notes.