Sentinel HL key upgrade to driverless over Virtual Machine

NOTE: Since the HL key upgrade to driverless configuration is one time activity, it is suggested to perform the operation on physical machines.


Issue: Due to driver state change at time of upgrade on Virtual Machine, the result may vary intermittently. For some reason VM may loose the control of USB and hence the upgrade process may run in “Error 39: Broken Session”


As a workaround .v2c file from EMS can be used again to upgrade the key with success.


Steps to get the .v2c file:

  • In the “Entitlements” tab, sort (search) the entitlement on the basis of customer creation date and match the key id in ACC with (Action -> Previous Activation from selected Entitlement in EMS) key id in “Previous Activation” page.
  • Download the .v2c file and upgrade the key from ACC