Envelope 7.0 does not require a Master\Developer key

Envelope 7.0 (and other older LDK versions) allows to protect a binary even without any local master\developer key attached. It’s enough that envelope sees a valid license in the network from same batch code and same feature against which you are applying the protection, could be a SL or HL. This happens because of the integrated LM in Envelope.


How to manipulate this?


Use\create the known ‘runtimeless-API’ configuration file ie. hasp_12345.ini in path %LocalAppData%/SafeNet Sentinel/Sentinel LDK/ where you can disable broadcast search: Broadcastsearch=0


So that envelope will search only for a local valid feature, if none it will prompt message ‘No Sentinel Protection Key is found’.


You can also add lines:





To see logs related to access\errors from API (both runtime API or envelope).