LDK c2v and system fingerprint

c2v (<haspformat format=”updateinfo”/>) sometimes include fingerprint added at the end of the xml.


The fingerprint details are added at the bottom of the c2v if a SL is installed.


If a SL-AdminMode is installed: it retrieves it’s c2v + host_fingerprint type=”SL-UserMode” If a SL-UserMode is installed: it retrieves it’s c2v + host_fingerprint type=”SL-AdminMode” In case you just have a HL the c2v doesn’t contain the fingerprint.


When a machine has only one type of SL-Key (either SL-AM or SL-UM) installed and C2V is fetched for that key then this C2V will contain C2V of installed SL-Key and fingerprint of other type (whose license is not installed).


We can use same C2V file to create license for other type of SL as well.


If only HL key is attached on the system then C2V of that HL key would just return the information of that HL key only.


In case we want to install any SL type license then we can fetch C2V of installed SL Key (if it’s installed) OR use the “Installation of new Protection key” option (if no SL Key is installed) to get the fingerprint of the system.