Master Wizard Error- “Parameter type (5) not found in database”

When we try to run LDK master wizard with BSS database (without database migration), it may show an error:
“Parameter type (5) not found in database”

This is because LDK master wizard also downloads LINUX library files. The entry for Linux files is not present in the BSS database so the new master wizard shows parameter not found.

Following are the steps to resolve this issue:

1. Login to HASPSRMDATABSE using SQL Mgmt. Studio
2. Open table dbo.VendorFileType
3. There should be four rows in this table. Add a new row with the following entries: “VendorFileTypeID=5, Name=Vendor Library Linux, Description=Vendor Library Linux”
This is the fifth parameter that was missing.

Now master wizard should introduce the files without any errors.