Check-list for Error 5 – The license manager is not running

Below is the checklist to troubleshoot the license manager not running error:

  1. Run lsmon with license server IP address and see if the user is able to get the license details
  2. Run SLMDemo utility with license server IP address and see if user is able to request the license
  3. If any environment variable like LSHOST or LSFORCEHOST is set on user’s machine, check the server IP entered in the environment variable is correct or not
  4. Check if any firewall is not blocking UDP port 5093 as this is the port used by RMS communication. 
  5. Check if ping can be successfully done from client machine to server so as to test if there are any connectivity issues.
  6. Check if the RMS service is running in services.msc .
  7. Check if the license request is possible when the antivirus is disabled.