Language packs for Sentinel LDK 7.1 (Vendor Suite, RTE and EMS)

The Language Packs for the Sentinel LDK 7.1 are now available for download. These packs provide localized user interface and translated help-files for both Vendor Suite and EMS.

Language Pack for Sentinel LDK Runtime supports Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. 

Vendor Suite and EMS Vendor portal support Chinese and German, with Japanese will be launched soon.

Separate language packs are not planned for the Sentinel LDK 7.2 patch. If the user updates a localized installation of LDK 7.1 to 7.2, the language for Sentinel LDK user interfaces and documentation reverts to English. After installing the patch for Sentinel LDK 7.2, users can install (or re-install) the language pack for LDK 7.1.

The language packs are available at