Time Based Licensing feature in Sentinel HL Max Diverless (LDK 7.1)

It is possible to burn a time based license in the Sentinel HL Max DL (Driverless) key, in LDK 7.1 and can be implemented using the License generation API in toolbox.


  • The feature that supports time based licensing in LDK 7.1 is V-clock(virtual clock)
  • However the same is included in the Sentinel LDK 7.2 release but in LDK 7.1 this can be only implemented using Lic gen API’s.
  • To check whether the Max DL key supports the V-clock feature or not, we can collect the C2V file of the hardware key using RUS tool and decode the C2V using the sntl_lg_decode_current_state.
  • The option that needs to be checked while burning the time based license in the MAX DL Key is Virtual Clock while sntl_lg_start API.
  • V-Clock is not available for Sentinel HL Basic keys. To use V-Clock with Sentinel HL Pro keys customer must purchase the V-clock Module for Sentinel Master Key.
  • The use of the V-Clock in the Sentinel HL (Driverless configuration) key to regulate a time-based license must be specifically enabled for the Products to be licensed.