Sentinel EMS Installer throws error “Database name already exist” while installing Sentinel EMS in ‘Advanced’ mode.


This error is displayed when the Master database file (.MDF) is present at following location :

../Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server/ directory

Removing the MDF file from this location should solve the issue. 

In case it throws another error “Database Already Exist” then follow these steps-

1. Login to SQL Instance from SQL Management Studio using ‘sa’ as username

2. Check if a new database can be created

  • If yes- then there is no problem on SQL part
  • If no- then check permissions for user sa or else proceed with the error displayed while database creation.

3.  Check EMS installer log for any error in installation directory.

4.  If installer logs are not created or there are no fresh entries then this issue might be related to JAVA

5. Check if supported version of JAVA is installed and reset the values in ‘Jre_HOME’ and ‘path’ environment variable

Try running the EMS installer once again, this should work fine now.