EMS not working after Java 8 upgrade in LDK 7.3.

 In case EMS in LDK 7.3 does not work after Java 8 upgrade , it can be resolved by following steps mentioned below :

  • Open SentinelEMSw.exe located at ….\Program Files \Sentinel EMS\EMSServer\bin 
    • Now click  “Java” tab and ensure JVM dll should point to JRE 8’s jvm.dll.
  • Browse to  ….\EMS_HOME\EMSServer\bin  from command prompt opened in Run as Administrator mode.
  • Execute “service.bat remove” and then “service.bat install”.
  • Open services.msc and select properties “Sentinel EMS” , change the services Startup type to “Automatic”.
  • Restart EMS Service.