Upgrade EMSDB via SQL Scripts

The steps mentioned below guides to upgrade EMSDB via the SQL Scripts in case the EMS version is newer than the database version (like EMS v7.3 & EMSDB v7.1)

Note: It’s not mandatory to upgrade the database via the SQL Scripts. The common alternative is upgrade the EMSDB database during the EMS install setup

Steps to be followed:

1. Stop the EMS service

2. Log-in to the EMSDATABASE SQL instance via Management Studio

a. Backup the current state of the EMSDB database

b. Restore the older version of EMSDB database

c. Apply the EMS SQL scripts as following:

i. The scripts are located at C:\Program Files (x86)\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel EMS\Database\SQLScripts

ii. Go to Management Studio -> File -> Open each script in the following order


1. In case the SQL Scripts start with USE EMSDev modify to USE EMSDB

2. The scripts e.g. in case of EMS v7.3 and EMSDB v7.1:

a. UpgradeFrom71to72.sql

b. UpdateValuesFrom71to72.sql

c. UpgradeFrom72to73.sql

d. UpdateValuesFrom72to73.sql

3. Quit Management Studio

4. Start the EMS service and log-in