Sentinel Cloud 3.6 – GA Announcement

This is to announce the general availability of Sentinel Cloud 3.6, Gemalto’s cloud licensing and entitlement management solution for publishers of both on-premise software and cloud-delivered services.


Feature Highlights :

  1. Usage Collection In Isolated Networksthe ability to collect usage data for connected deployments has now been expanded to allow usage data to be collected in offline isolated networks where there is no assumed connectivity to the outside world.
  2. Improved Configuration Optionsprovides additional configuration options to the ISV, allowing him to adapt his service offerings to stay in line with expanding business models.
  3. Named Entitlement Support – named entitlements can now be created for on-premise installations.
  4. Virtual Machines detection and Clone Protection Support – detects and monitors the use of licenses on virtual machines (VM) to protect against cloning and prevent license misuse.
  5. Additional Securityintroduced a GUID based locking option for fingerprinting of licenses.
  6. Additional and Improved Reporting – provides extended reporting capabilities.