Sentinel LDK supports Windows 10

  • Microsoft is gearing up to release Windows 10 tomorrow and we’re glad to announce that Sentinel LDK already supports it. Sentinel LDK Run-time 7.32, which was released in April with preliminary support for Windows 10, has now been validated with the final version of this OS. The same applies to other LDK components.
  • One exception is the new Edge browser, which does not support plugins and therefore cannot be used with Java-based web applications such as EMS. The solution is to use other browsers – Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer (still included with Windows 10) or other popular options such as Chrome or Firefox. We are looking for alternative ways to support the Edge browser in future versions of LDK and will provide updates on this blog.
  • Also note that Windows 10 commonly removes device drivers after an OS upgrade, requiring customers to re-install the software (in this case, the LDK Runtime and any other device drivers the software may require). This is not needed if the software was installed for the first time on Windows 10.
  • This information is being added to RTE 7.32 documentation and will be included in the next LDK release.