LDK compatibility with Windows 10 Insider Preview builds

The Windows Insider Program, launched by Microsoft with Windows 10 announcement, allows anyone to opt-in to receive Insider Preview builds and provide Microsoft feedback before changes become available to all customers as a patch or a service pack.

As the name suggests, preview builds are still in development phase and are not stable. Customers who use these builds might experience crashes, security vulnerabilities and/or data loss. Microsoft acknowledges that some Insider Preview builds cause serious crashes and recommends that regular users should avoid using the same.

We recommend to avoid upgrading to Insider Preview builds, and only use them for testing, on dedicated test machines. In case if there are any issues or crashes, we need to either rollback the last build or upgrade the next one. Gemalto is committed to RTM (GA) version of Windows 10 and service packs. The intermediate Insider Preview builds don’t have the status of RTM or GA and as such are always going to be risky and unstable.

Engineering team regularly validates LDK Run-time on Windows Insider preview builds and looks into any RTE crashes reported by customers on these preview builds.  One such issue (a BSOD) was recently reported by customers who use Insider Preview build 10565. This was due to changes by Microsoft . The latest Insider Preview build (10576) does not suffer from this issue and works perfectly with the latest Sentinel LDK Run-time (v7.41), but bear in mind that similar issues may reoccur with future Insider Preview builds, so it’s best to use them accordingly.