Web-Services to return ‘All V2C’ for a “Hasp Id (Key Id)” as input

Input Parameter:  Hasp Id (Key Id)

Output : All V2C (Activation and update)

Some combinations are used on the following Sentinel Web-Services:

1.       Get All Entitlements

2.       Get Entitlement By Id

3.       Get Product Key Details

4.       Get activation by Id

 How to use above mentioned Web-Services: First, login to EMS using “Login” web service.

1.Search Entitlement Using Key ID: This web service will give us “instance ids” if more than one updates are created. Please use “instance id” as per their creation date.

2.Get Entitlement Details by Entitlement ID: Use instance id from Entitlement XML returned in Step 1.

3.Get Product Key Details: Use product Key id from Entitlement XML returned in Step 2.

4.Get Activation by activation id  (AID) : Use AID from Product Key XML returned in Step 3.

5.Step 4 will return activation XML with V2C in between <activationString> tags.