Sentinel Fit v1.0 released

Sentinel Fit is an addition to the Sentinel Family allowing Intelligent Device Vendors (IDVs) the ability to leverage secure licensing for restricted environments. Sentinel Fit is not a replacement for the more mature fully featured RMS and LDK product lines but can positioned in parallel for those situations where restrictions are placed on the Licensing Run-Time due to restrictions in the available memory and storage of the target platform. The primary objective of Sentinel Fit is to offer a license enforcement runtime that is designed from the ground up for ultra-low footprint environments such as microcontrollers and the myriad of devices that dominate the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. 


Sentinel Fit features:

Ultra-Low Footprintenables IDVs to allow the run-time components shipped on a device to exist and function when there are restrictions on the operating environment i.e. processing power, run-time memory and disk space.

Highly Portableenables IDVs to deploy the Sentinel Fit runtime onto a myriad of different environments and platforms, across OS variants, CPU architectures and board types.

Feature Based Software Licensingenables IDVs with feature based licensing which controls the application behavior to only allow access/use of features if a valid license exists.

Secure Tamper-Proof Licensingenables IDVs with a secure copy protection solution.

Entitlement Management – enables IDVs to provide a scalable enterprise software license and entitlement management solution. Sentinel Fit v1.0 can be used only with EMS Enterprise Trial licenses (not available for production).

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