Sentinel Fit v1.1

We are glad to announce that Sentinel Fit 1.1 is now available in GA

The previous process for delivering evaluation versions of Sentinel Fit 1.0 has now been replaced by a new process which is based on entering an order – for both evaluation and subscription.


Sentinel Fit 1.1 contains the following features:

  • Pre-Compiled Binaries for easier evaluation on a TIVA board (non-marketable – for improved evaluation experience)
  • Even smaller footprint than we have today. In version 1.1 we are including the ability to choose between RSA and a new AES method. This “choice” leverages the existing marketing message of modularity. AES gives you an even smaller footprint at the “cost” of using symmetric keys.
  • Production Backend with EMS 4.1.100. In Sentinel Fit v1.1 we will allow a production purchase EMS Enterprise which will support Sentinel Fit v1.1. With this release a single installation of EMS 4.1.100 will support managing both RMS/Cloud and Fit.
  • With Sentinel Fit 1.1 we made many improvements to the evaluation process based on both internal and external feedback. With Sentinel Fit 1.1 for the evaluation we believe the experience will be improved.

The new version (trial) is available for download here . To move to production customers would need a Master key, which will be available as part of Sentinel Fit 1.1 Starter Kits (due in November).