We’re happy to announce the GA release of Sentinel LDK 7.5

In this release of Sentinel LDK, we have broaden the LDK licensing and protection to additional operating systems and platforms, so that we can offer a breadth of solutions to our existing and new customers to match their needs. The new features and improvements introduced are as below:

  • Enhanced Support on Android – allows ISVs to have comprehensive options to protect native and Java Android applications with Sentinel LDK.
  • Enhanced Support on Linux – completes the protection of Linux ARM based platforms. Allows ISVs to have Sentinel HL and Sentinel SL protection keys on Linux platforms.
  • EMS support for browsers without Java Runtime Environment – following the removal of Java support from many popular web browsers, EMS can now be used without it, utilizing the LDK Runtime Environment instead.
  • New Clone Protection Scheme for Virtual Machines – allows ISVs to use a new clone protection scheme for protecting applications that are operated on virtual machines.
  • Enhanced Video Content Protection – allows ISVs to protect MP4 files played with HTML5.
  • Alert for Battery Depletion of Vendor Keys – alerts the ISV when a Master or Developer key with nearly depleted battery is detected and guides on steps to order a replacement without any cost.
  • Gemalto Rebranding – showcases Sentinel LDK as part of Gemalto Software Monetization portfolio with a completely redesigned look and feel of the Physical as well as Software Development Kits.

Please refer to the readme/package available on SCC website here .