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LDK-EMS v7.5.3 with Cloud Add On comes with a New WebService Interface for updating status of Cloud Provisioning Container

With LDK EMS v7.5.3 Patch, ISV can use Sentinel LDK-EMS Webservice interface (/ems/v75/ws/ProvisioningContainer/{pcid}.ws) to update the status of a Cloud Provisioning Container to either Disable/Enable/Revoke.  As an input XML use following: “<ProvisioningContainer><action>enable</action></ProvisioningContainer>” to Enable a Cloud Provisioning Container “<ProvisioningContainer><action>disable</action></ProvisioningContainer>” to Disable a Cloud Provisioning Container “<ProvisioningContainer><action>revoke</action></ProvisioningContainer>” to Revoke a Cloud…


Detach comments with API

When detaching a license with ACC we can enter comments for the detached license, same is possible with hasp.transfer API Simply add a <comment> tag inside the Product tag as below: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ ?> <detach><product id=”2″><duration>10</duration><comment>Test Test</comment></product></detach>