Sentinel LDK Envelope for NI RTEXE v7.5

This is to announce the general availability of Sentinel LDK Envelope for NI RTEXE v7.5, a file wrapper that provides intellectual property protection for native (C/C++) applications (rtexe) developed for National Instrument Compact RIO (cRIO) boards using LabView development environment.


Sentinel LDK Envelope for NI RTEXE is graphical tool that runs on Windows machine (x86, x86_64) to encrypt a vendor’s rtexe application that is targeted to run on National Instrument cRIO  boards running on real time Linux, preventing it from being disassembled and reverse-engineered.


Major features of Envelope are:

  • Support both Sentinel HL (Driverless configuration) keys and Sentinel SL UserMode keys
  • Additional component over LDK 7.5 installation.
  • Support for encryption of rtexe.
  • Support cRIO-903x and cRIO-906x devices.
  • Support NI Linux RT (running on x86_64 and ARM)
  • Support for LabView 2014 and LabView 2015 development environments.

The Envelope tool package can be downloaded from Sentinel Customer Community (SCC) site: