We’re happy to announce the GA release of Sentinel LDK 7.6. 


In this release of Sentinel LDK, we have enhanced the LDK licensing and protection to widely used operating systems and platforms, so that we can offer a breadth of solutions to our existing and new customers to match their needs. The new features and improvements introduced are as below:

1) AppOnChip 64-bit Support – allows ISVs to use the AppOnChip feature in Sentinel Envelope to protect both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows files (EXE and DLL files).

2) New Standalone Envelope Tool for Protecting National Instruments LabVIEW Application – provides a new standalone Envelope tool to ISVs who build and protect National Instruments LabVIEW applications (RTEXE) which run on cRIO-9030 or cRIO-9067 devices.

3) New Clone Protection Scheme for Android Devices – provides a new clone protection scheme (PMType4) for protected applications that are operated on Android devices. This feature is available only for applications which are protected with either perpetual or expiration date based licenses.

4) Added Support for Linux ARM – allows ISVs to use Sentinel Envelope on Linux Intel platform for protecting applications that run on 32-bit as well as 64-bit ARM platforms.

5) Physical Distribution Using Sentinel HL Drive microSD Keys – presents the Sentinel LDK software to the ISVs on a Sentinel HL Drive microSD key instead of on a DVD.


For further details please refer readme included in the package available at SCC