Windows10 Major Big Update: Issues with LDK Runtime and SL-AdminMode

What is a Windows 10 “big update”?

Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft has changed the manner in which they manage the release of the Windows OS.

Once Windows OS was a software product. Microsoft delivered various versions (Windows 98, NT, XP, and so on) and provided service packs or small patches for each of them.

Windows 10 is different. Windows 10 is not a software product but a service. Instead of releasing a new OS, Microsoft has been releasing new features to Windows 10 as a “big update” (or “big patch”).


[Windows 10 major big update]

Build 1607 | 2016 September | Anniversary Update

Build 1703 | 2017 April | Creators Update

Build 1709 | 2017 October | Creators Update Fall


How is a Windows 10 big update distributed online?

Big updates are distributed in three ways:

  1. Microsoft Site. After the official release date, you can find a link to get the big patch on the Microsoft Windows 10 official product site.
  2. Microsoft Distribution Plan. Windows Update users cannot obtain a big patch by request – they are dependent on Microsoft’s distribution plan.  Microsoft distributes the big patch as a Windows Update, but it is usually delivered 2-3 months after the official big patch release date. This is because Microsoft needs time to fix issues that are typically discovered by early installation from the Microsoft site.
  3. Insider Preview Program. Windows 10 users can get the latest big update before the official release via the Insider Preview Program, but these releases are categorized as “Preview Builds” and are not stable. Sentinel LDK does not support preview builds.


Possible issues faced after Windows upgrade:

1) Sentinel LDK License Manager service no longer available

After the installation of a big update, you might see “Sentinel LDK License Manager” service installed but stopped.

Resolution: Manually start the service from the Computer Management – “Services and Applications” panel.

2) SL-AdminMode license disappeared

If you have upgraded your system to the latest build right after the release date, you might note that your existing SL-AdminMode license has been removed and is no longer visible in the Admin Control Center on the page at http://localhost:1947/_int_/devices.html.

Resolution: Make sure License Manager is active (as described in issue 1). If the Sentinel LDK License Manager service is not present, install the Run-Time package again from one of the following links:

Sentinel HASP/LDK – Windows GUI Run-time Installer

Sentinel HASP/LDK – Command Line Run-time Installer Notice.aspx?dID=8589947873

Your SL-AdminMode license will then be active again.

In case your Windows 10 OS was updated through an automatic Windows Update, your existing SL-AdminMode license should not be affected.

The issue does not affect SL-UserMode licenses or Sentinel HL USB dongles.

For any additional issues, please contact your Software Vendor.