Unable to install c:\WINDOWS\system32\setup\aladdin\hasphl\akshasp.inf file

Error when trying to install the RTE on windows machine:

 Unable to install c:\WINDOWS\system32\setup\aladdin\hasphl\akshasp.inf file.

This is an internal error. For assistance, contact your administrator or the software manufacturer.

Status Code: 42 5 1340



 1. Restart your computer into safe mode.

 2. Login using the Administrator’s account

 3. In Start, Accessories, right click on Command Prompt, and click on Run as Administrator.

 4. In DOS type :-  net stop cryptsvc.

 5. Press enter and wait for the computer to say it has stopped this service

 6. Close DOS and remain in Windows Safe Mode.

 7. Go into My computer and navigate to your Windows directory.

 8. Find the folder windows\software distribution and remove the contents, but not the folder itself.

 9. Then navigate to windows\system32\catroot2 folder and remove the contents of that folder.

 10. Right click on the catroot2 folder and rename it to catroot3.

 11. Restart windows and login as normal.