64-bit Branded runtime (v7.80 and above) generation for Linux

LDK Runtime v7.80 and above includes native support for x64 Linux Intel system. As it is possible to place the updated runtime component on the EMS Server machine at the below path, to allow EMS UI to generate an updated branded runtime using the last package released:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Gemalto Sentinel\Sentinel EMS\EMSServer\webapps\ems\haspTools 

aksusbd-7.80.1.tar or newer versions of runtime support 64-bit version of runtime and haspvlib.so. However, the x64 vlib cannot be bundled in branded RTE using EMS versions below 7.8.


You run LDK EMS 7.7 (or older) and you wish to generate a branded runtime package for Linux based on aksusbd-7.80.1.tar runtime

After you replace the aksusbd-xxxx.tar package in above mentioned path, EMS UI generates your branded aksusbd-7.80.1.tar but this package will include only the x86 haspvlib.so (the Vendor library required to install\interact with software Licenses)


Native 64bit support for runtime and Vendor library (haspvlib_x86_x64.so) is included only when LDK EMS 7.8 (and higher) is used to generate the branded runtime for Linux..

So please be aware that we have such limitation when older EMS are used to generate their Linux branded runtime v7.8x.  This means that you still need to install and deploy the <<Sentinel HASP,LDK Script for Linux 32-bit Compatibility Packages>> v7.65 on a native x64 Linux machine because the branded runtime generated with 7.7 and older EMS versions includes only 32bit binaries.

Also, note that we have dropped the above 32bit compatibility package from the LDK installation package starting with version 7.80 . However, same is still available for download on our support page.


A Linux branded runtime package including full x86 and x64 support comes only with EMS 7.8 and runtime v7.80 and above (of course you are required to introduce your Master Key on EMS Server to generate all the required haspvlib so files)